Facebook Demos

Hashtag System with PHP, MYSQL & jQuery


If you are not aware of Hashtag, then I will say you would not using any social networking sites in a very large extent. Here I am going to explain you about the advantages of hashtag & how you can implement it in your web projects using php & mysql. But now a days sites like facebook, Instagram, Vine & Tumblr are using this feature in all platforms. If you use the hashtag effectively then you will get the contents across different sites together in a single page.

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Facebook Ajax Login with PHP, jQuery


Facebook has several login methods based on the devices like iOS, Android and Web. Here we are going to Implement this login system for Website. Millions of Websites and Apps are implemented Facebook Login into their sites to increase the registrations.

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Facebook Url Expander with jQuery Ajax and PHP


I hope everyone noted this feature in Facebook. If you copy and paste any facebook url in your status, facebook will display the exact data from the url you have shared.

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